So my boyfriend is the cutest thing ever. So what he loves the damn bunny more then he ever will me, Shes so freaking cute!


One of my favorite girls.. The lovely Radeo Suicide .. I’ve been drawing her since before I could draw. 💗

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My collection i handed in today

Doing a proper lingerie shoot tomorrow, So excited!

Done so much cool stuff i can’t wait to show people!

my new textile for my collection

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I really really hate these powerpoint things. But it got my mind off the argument with my boyfriend. Yeah I know have absolutely no right to speak for any POC but I figured maybe if I did my research I could help educate some people of my race who might think they know better and they don’t.

By the way, the seventh slide has a major typo that I refuse to fix. There should be a “I would really appreciate” before “it be…”.

Also. I did not do this justice. I got off track somewhere I think. I don’t know. I should probably rename it to “Disney’s Movies featuring POC”. But I didn’t and I’m not. Because I’m tired. So. Sorry if I fucked up. Sorry if it’s not to your liking. Just do not yell and scream at me for something silly like this.

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